Notre processus de recrutement

A fair and unbiased hiring process is one of our top priorities. That’s the main reason why we have chosen to use tests for the initial candidate selection. Tests help us focus on what’s important for the specific position and is the best way to offer all candidates the same prerequisites. This is briefly how the recruitment process looks like when applying for one of our jobs within Academic Work.

Apply with your mail or LinkedIn Profile and answer some initial questions related to the available position

We want it to be as easy as possible for you to apply. You simply use your mail or LinkedIn profile to create an account and then just add your name and phone number. To make sure you qualify for the job we often ask some initial questions (e.g. have a driving licenses, speak Spanish or any other requirement that is needed for the specific position). If your answers match our requirements you will be asked to proceed your application by performing a test, which will be sent to your mail.

Proceed the application by perform a test/s

To ensure high validity tests, proven to predict performance, we have chosen to use an external partner, Assessio, a certified test supplier. Different positions and roles require different tests. You will get information and access the tests through a mail send by our test supplier Assessio.

Once the recruiter has accessed your test result you will be notified. If you have passed the tests and match our predefined requirements for the position you will be contacted by us and booked for a phone interview. In the following step you will be able to tell us more about your background, work experiences and abilities.

How to beat recruitment tests

Prepare and give yourself the best preconditions to perform the best you can. Watch the guiding video with Alex Tidgård, Lic Psychologist and Org Consultant from Assessio, sharing his best advice how to beat recruitment tests.

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